Core control

Hi everyone. I found this device called core control. I am not sure if it is helpful but I am trying to find out. I sent an email to the manufacturer letting them know of our condition. I asked if is possible to try it to see if it helps reduce my pain. I don’t know if they have a local site for purchase I can go to for a trial or what they can do to help me out. If I can get my hands on one without buying it I think it’s worth a try. Here is the link so you can check it out. Let me know what you think. Could this help?
Hopefully someone that understands the science part of what we do know of EM might offer some advice as to if this may be helpful.
Thank you

Wow, that looks great Alina. Let us know if you receive a reply from them.! I'll keep my fingers crossed.!

I sure will Laura. I thought it looked promising. Take care.

Did you wind up trying this, Alina?