Trans Cranial Magnetic Stimulation

Just watched a SBS documentary entitled "Secret World of Pain" probably best not to Google that.

It outlines the Brains role in pain. Whilst going into the need to retrain the brain as it were away from the pain focus which we were already aware of there was a very interesting section on Prof Turo Nurmikko of Liverpool Hospital in the UK who was treating long terms sufferers of chronic pain successfully with Trans Cranial magnetic stimulation.

The procedure is very non-invasive and uses magnetic pulses to stimulate the motor cortex.

Any thoughts ???

What a great post and article, Davipot. Massive thank you for sharing this with the community :-)

Very interesting! I have to admit. If I was anywhere near there I would at least be calling for more info. it sounds both scary but also strangely non invasive.....hmmmm. I am almost out of possible treatments to try and if I was actually out I would probably be seriously thinking about how I could make it there, For people with severe EM you find yourself at the point where you are willing to try anything. As far as scary goes this seams less scary than some alternatives such as the spinal cord simulator. I would be very interested in knowing what others thought and if anyone is considering participating.

Thank you so much for sharing.

Wikipedia does a pretty good job at summarizing the findings for TCMS:

I had written to Prof Turo Nurmikko of Liverpool Hospital in the UK, he replied that becuase of Emilys age he was unable to help. Given the wonderful NHS in the UK , this woudd be free for UK residents.

For neuropathic pain, for which there is little effective treatment, high-frequency (HF) repetitive TMS (rTMS) appears effective.[6]