Doctors in Clermont Ferrand France

Even though I have not yet been really diagnosed. I have found two doctors that beleive me.

Dr Dacher, General Practitioner, homeopathie, wholistic healer: +33 4 79 19 21 44. two month waiting list to see her as she does complicated cases and everyone is catching on. Worth the wait. Diagnosed my immune system problems. Agreed that I had a problem in my feet. Chamalieres France

Mr Coudeyre: Shiatsu massage: +33 4 73 36 12 13 tested my nervous sytem health and found it severely out of wack. His prescription for the herbal treatment has done me the most good so far. With Nuturgia.

Corinne de Balmes, naturopath using N.A.E.T. method: +33 4 73 79 93 39 Helps find what is causing rebellion in your body, cleans it and reprogrammes it (my laymans words not official). I will start officially in 2 weeks! Cant wait. Though I find it very interesting what Mads proposes, both paths leading to Rome I think.