Finding Comfortable Slippers Without Friction!

I really hope someone has suggestions for shoes, and more importantly, slippers. I can't seem to find any easy, slip-on slippers that don't have either terrycloth, shearling, or faux fur linings, all of which cause friction, and thus start an immediate flare-up lf my EM.

Anyone know of a brand of slipper (preferably open-toed) that has ..maybe the same type of lining as shoes/sandals? I find it very painful to walk barefoot on the very cheap carpeting in my apartment (like walking on micro-threads of glass. shivers

Any ideas would be appreciated!

Hi alyjude - I use flip flops instead of slippers :)

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Hi alyjude, take a look at FitFlops. They have a range of sandals, clogs, flip flops, slip-on types of footwear that are perfect for indoors and outdoors and have the added advantage of a cushioned footbed. The main site is for the UK but I know they have a number of stockists in the US.

Unfortunately I can’t wear flip-flops I have arthritis on top of everything else and I can’t grip shoes I did go over to the fitflops and checked their slippers of which they had only one style that I could see and it was like almost like 8 o’clock I guess and totally out of the realm of what I can afford on my disability so thank you both and I’ll just hope for some other ideas. fingers crossed

Hi alyjude, I hear you on cost but I keep an eye on their Sale pages and buy older styles when they are reduced. There are also often unworn pairs on the online auction sites or reduced via Amazon too.

I have psoriatic arthritis in (and severe psoriasis on the soles of) my feet and the FitFlops are ALL I can wear with any comfort. Strangely you don't really need to grip to keep them on and the footbed cushioning and support is great for arthritis damaged feet. I am ok with wide enclosed styles so I wear the suede clogs as slippers (they are soft suede lined too) but have flip-flop and sandal styles with heel straps for outdoors and in the summer.

If I could only afford one pair of shoes/slippers these would be my personal choice. And they last really, really well ... years, even if worn every day.

Tell you where else does some reasonable footwear in their sale section - Lands End - which is a US brand, I think.

Definitely think lightweight outdoor footwear to wear as slippers may be the way to go. Good luck.

At the moment I can’t wear any shoes or slippers due to my legs and feet being bandaged because of ulcers. That is horrible for me as they get really hot.
However I don’t know if you can get them but prior to this I used to buy sandals with Velcro made by Cosyfeet

No, I can’t wear anything but sandals and bare feet anymore. What about those really thin water shoes?