Found a cream that helps the ulcers and super dryness on our feet

best stuff i have ever used!! i had one of my first cracked ulcers almost open up so i thought i would start trying creams. i tried vasoline and tons of "moisturizers" and cracked heel creams, then i saw the reviews for this cream and i had to try it, and its practically a miracle cream!!! i dont know how it works or why it does, but i havent had this good of skin for over a year, and it only took two weeks, i put it on three times a day, and compared to most lotions, it doesnt heat my feet up that much, it soaks in pretty quick and i hope you guys get some luck out of it!!! if it doesnt work, just return it, thats how i manage to try everything for a hope that it works

Thanks for the tip, Will. I get those ulcers/burns too and they drive me crazy because they intensify the flares. Several months ago I started spraying my feet with colloidal silver, and it's improved their condition so much. It speeds up healing on ulcers and burned areas of the skin that have yet to crack. It's amazing.

The one I use is:

I'm going to buy this cream, too. I figure between the cream and colloidal silver I might achieve only slightly less than normal-looking feet some time in the next decade or two.

NICE, ive always wondered about that stuff but never found a way to use it, i will surely be trying this very soon, thank you!

Thanks Will for sharing the site to purchase TriDERMA Cream. I love it! No more dry, peeling feet.

will order some...feet are soooo dry.