Having hope for 1st time in a long while because of Magnesium!

Haven’t been able to walk for 3-4 years and mostly get around the house on knee pads. My EM is more sensitive to mechanical forces than temperature. I was able to walk a little after using Bob’s protocol for several months but hit a stubborn plateau. Started taking 400mg/d of magnesium chelate 4 days ago and the difference has been amazing! My feet are less abnormally colored, feel more “plump”, and less sensitive to scratching, shearing, pressure, or temperature. I am able to walk more without triggering the vessel dysfunctions (discoloration) that eventually leads to full inflammation. I was able to go up and down the stairs 7 or 8 times through out the day today without any incidents which wouldn’t have been possible a week before. I was very cautious in not giving up my hopes but can no longer deny the excitement I’m feeling about how the feet are responding.
To paint a more whole picture, the magnesium was taken in combination with Vit B complex. I also started taking 5000 IU of Vit D (around meal time).
Also just ordered some new magnesium glycinate which are supposed to be higher quality than the one I have now and am excited to try them.
I have officially joined the chorus of magnesium believers!