Helping Hands

Thanks to Tony L Sydney (member of AVM Survivors Community), for initiating this discussion "Helping Hands". It received several great responses in the AVM Community.

How about you? Is there someone here, or in your family or in your workplace - who has helped you in your journey? If your journey has just begun, is there someone riding the storm with you now, who you would like to thank?

We love to hear your stories.

Even on my worst days I am so thankful , so blessed. You just have to look and you will see your blessings. They are all around you. I am blessed with the most amazing husband! Through years of my illness he never wavers. He is the most patient, loving, giving, funny man. I believe he was hand picked for me and I will always be grateful. I have nothing but support from my parents and siblings. My dad is even flying up for 3 weeks to help after my upcoming spinal stimulater surgery. I am grateful for my cat that somehow knows just when to snuggle. She gives me so much affection but when I am too hot just sits near me not on me, rarely leaving my side. My new cat( my husbands cat) a stray that just came to our home and adopted us( my husband) sleeps with him every night when he is left sleeping alone due to my inability to sleep in my bed because if heat. It as if our cat was sent to us just for him! Giving him the physical closeness I can not always give. I am thankful for myself. I have the mindset that chooses joy be laughter instead of worry and self pity. I am thankful for my doctors that have helped and continue to do the best they can even without really understanding what is going on with me. I am thankful for The Lord and all of his blessings even the ones I don’t notice. I am grateful every day.