Hemp Extract Drops

I have a rock star Naturopathic Neuroligist. I do whatever she tells me to do. At the end of our last visit she told me to get CBD Gold from Amazon. I put 2 droppers under my tongue 3 times a day. I am also taking Lyrica 2X a day (150 Mg) and Mexilitine 2X a day (150 mg). I’ve been taking the prescription medication for about 10 months. I was still getting flares around 3 pm and beyond. About 2 months into taking the Hemp Oil I realized I was almost a normal person. I buy it from Nature’s Love.

Amazing! Planning to 've hemp a try. Thanks Joan

hi what strength do you take and how long till you saw difference?

CBD and Kratom have been life savers for me, especially Kratom. But, the combination is great.

Hi there! I’m really glad that you’re getting results. I’ve been wanting to see a Naturopathic Doctor but my insurance doesn’t cover it. I typically prefer a “natural” route since medications come with so many side effects.

I looked at the website you suggested. Which one do you get? And you ingest it? Does it matter what time during the day? I want to buy it but I want to make sure I’m purchasing what you’re talking about! Could you maybe leave a link? I’m excited to try this!

Awesome info! Can you give us the dosage specifics and time of day you take the oil? Can’t wait to hear! Thanks for sharing!!! :slight_smile:

Yes please let us know

Hi, what is or atom and where do you st it? Thanks

Hi, did you ever get info regarding hemp oil? If so ,can you please share with me? Thanks

Hi no one ever replied to me.

No reply?! :pensive: Hopefully they reply

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Hey guys Kratom is a plant that has been used in southeast asia for many, many years in traditional medicine and recreational use. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitragyna_speciosa

The type that helps me the most is maeng da. It’s legal in most U.S. states. Comes in a powder form and a good dosage for me is usually 2-3 grams. You can take it by making a tea or ingest in any way you like. Vegetable capsules work great. Of course like any drug you should only take it when needed and not get addicted. Although I’ve never experienced any negative side effects. Just don’t over do it or you can get a tummy ache.

My friend sells it here http://www.emancipatedhuman.com/kratom/ through his facebook page. But, a simple google search of “buy kratom” will yield numerous results. You may also find it at your local “smoke shop” or whatever you want to call it :).

As far as CBD goes you can usually find it at your local place listed above. Personally I got a vape pen of the cbd. They come with cartridges that last so long. Usually 2-4 puffs of the stuff helps for me. Can also find it in other forms like lozenges or syrups.

I almost 100% guarantee kratom will ease the pain because it has work for me. Although I get it on my hands mainly and hasn’t been as bad as I’ve seen others. But it’s been a godsend.

Hi Dan, 

I just ordered some Kraytom and plan to study up on it. Thanks for the info. We all are willing to try anything to stop the burning. Hope you’re having a good day. Patricia

Just unhappily discovered not all Hemp oils are the same. I ordered from a different company on Amazon as Nature’s Love was no longer being sold on Amazon. Restocking problem? Within 24 hours I was burning again. Couldn’t believe it. Had a NL bottle in reserve in the frig Thank God. It took 2 days to get back to non fire living. Just a word of warning. Not all companies are the same.


Kraytom is soooo disgusting. I’d take or do anything to remain out of pain but the stuff is appalling.

Thanks for the info. I ordered from Amazon also. Not sure what all the oils mean. Do you have any advice? Do you have a way to or Dr from NL? Thanks Joan

So are you guys saying …the “natures love” brand of kratom
Takes away the burning from EM ??

How many capsules do you take throughout the day?

Or is this a oil?

Thanks for any info

No! No! No! This was about Hemp oil not kratom. Nature’s Love is trustworthy. I tried a different brand and was burning within 24 hrs. Fortunately found a Nature’s Love bottle in my frig it took about 3 days to get back to normal. I’m just telling you what has worked for me. As for kratom I bought the product that had 3 different leaf powders I just couldn’t take it. T it’s the most disgusting taste EVER. I tried just putting the powder in my mouth and chugging it down with water. After the ghastly experience, I hoped for a lessening of pain (bad back this time). Nothing. I tried another powder with applesauce. OMG. Horrendously worse horrible taste. I got it down. (. After all if we can find a non narcotic for pain one of us will try it.) The kratom did nothing. So…The discussion was about Nature’s Love Hemp oil. I bought it on doctors orders. It has worked for me. That’s all I can say.

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Thanks for the info really thanks !!

Worth a try!!
For real :heart:

It’s been a little while since I have heard from you that sounds so good the hemp oil is working wow i know that you were struggling . Is Hanson a new doc ?
I made it to England the wedding was lovely so glad I went took lots of cold packs were ever I went . So glad it’s working for you I might try that talk soon take care of your self xxx