Im twenty one yr old college student with em near san fran, anyone with em near me?

i feel pretty alone with this condition, as you guys may know with yourself, and i was just wondering if any young people are on here with em that are in california?? message me :D

Sorry to hear u have em at such a young age. You will find a lot of support here and hopefully there is someone near your age that can give you the support that u need. Take care.

it is tough, i got em two years ago from being in a cast to long (rare but it happens :/ ) and ive really started to accept it about a year ago. its tough tho because my feet are purple and bright red and i have to take my shoes off in every class, and i can barely walk to my classes, i was a gymnastics coach and a lifeguard till this, so i really dont know what i can do for work now...

its been tough, but i feel that i have grown past my peers in so many ways from the suffering i deal with everyday with em, i feel enlightened in some ways, and it makes me know that others out there suffer more than me, and it makes me want to help others. :D its just pretty lonely, most of my friends drink and do drugs and ive never tried either and never go to partys, on top of that its hard for friends to undersstand em as you guys probably already know. anyways, best of luck to everyone! i know the burn, and i hope you guys feel better soon

Hi Will,

I'm not young, but I'm in San Jose and I'm young at heart. This is only my second day on this site, and I joined because I'm lonely too. Concentrate on being a college student, make the most of it however you can. Hang in there.