Is tinnitus part of EM or a different problem?

I have been dealing with ear pain and tinnitus (mostly hearing my hearbeat in my ears), and both seemed to get worse as my EM progressed. I was wondering if this might be related or if I have another problem to look into, as I’m only 19 and probably shouldn’t be dealing with hearing problems yet. Any advice or insight would be really, really appreciated.

It does look like a few people here have spoke of a similar problem before based on search results (link below). I’ve not had the problem myself. Some who spoke of it look like they are still active users, so hopefully they will share their experiences.

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I have both- most of the time my symptom is a high pitched ringing mainly in my right ear. This ringing is there daily whether my ears flare or not.
I feel this is due to exposure to loud noises without wearing proper protection. When my ears flare it is more of a pressure feeling in my ears along with the extreme heat of the ears. If you only have this pain and heartbeat sound when you are flaring then it may only be related to EM. If you have this outside of flaring you may consider seeing a Dr. to rule out other causes. Of course I’m no expert and you should proceed as your senses tell you to. I hope you find some relief!

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@wils2260 first of all I am so sorry you have this awful disease at such a young age…what you’re describing With your ears sounds like pulsatile tinnitus…of course I am not a doctor so it’s just a guess…I have had tinnitus along with vertigo and deafness on one side but they are all caused by a Disease called Menieres. You might want to get a referral to an ENT to have your symptoms investigated. Wish you well <3

You should also be sure your dont have lyme disease or related coinfections. Lyme can cause both EM and tinnitus, as well as many other symptoms and and diseases.

What it sounds like is pulsatile tinnitus which is different from tinnitus. Its like a heartbeat in your ear which is actually the blood flow you are hearing. I have been suffering with this for several years. I did find a specialist in NY at Corneal Medical. There is a great group on Facebook. Just search pulsatile tinnitus. There is alot of information there. A lot of drs do not know how to treat it or what to look for. Some drs will have you do test and see everything normal even radiologist. Thats because they do not know what to look for. I saw an interventional radiologist. I would suggest go to the group first. I am not sure where you live but maybe they can direct you on who to see in your area. When you press on the front side of your neck does it stop? The name of the group is Pulsatile tinnitus “Whooshers Unite”! I just looked it up. You can also check their website I hope this helps some. Im sorry you are also dealing with this!!!

I have the same problem. I’m older than you (51) but never had any ringing in my ears until approximately 3 years into the EM. I’ve also noticed that anytime I close a Tupperware container or make some other innocuous noise, it triggers the ringing.
I’m curious whether or not you experience lightheadedness when you stand up from a sitting position. The dizziness seems to last a bit longer when I stand up after lying down…

I get dizzy randomly, but my mom (who actually has Raynaud’s and not EM) does have problems with dizziness the same way that you’re explaining.