Just want to say happy holidays to all :)

Hello Im new to this site and its my first post. Hope everyone's erythromelalgia didnt affect their holidays.I just wanted to say to all of you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. :D

Hello and welcome LTjuggernaut. I had a very relaxing Christmas and a flare free couple of days, until that is I had my first alcoholic drink in ages.. (I foolishly chose Tia Maria which used to be my favourite but the mixture of caffiene and alcohol didn't go down too well and I flared most of the night..! I hope you had a great Christmas too.!

I have been having a great holiday time! Especially if I am careful about what I eat. If I slip once in a while, luckily I flare only at night when everyone else is sleeping. (It doesn't make the pain any less excruciating tho) . I have a strong determination to be stricter with myself & not eat any of my trigger foods.

Happy New Year!!!