Large cooling mats

Hoping this link works, it’s actually a recent Groupon deal…not too long ago someone posted about relief from cooling mats, which are generally pretty small. Well here’s one they make for dogs in much larger size (23" x 30"). If the link doesn’t work try searching: SPOT Cooling Pet Beds!

so funny! I looked at these recently because I really need something at night to help cool me down, but I felt that none was large enough to make much of a difference.

I got online tonight specifically to see if anyone has ever used one of the "chilimats" to help them sleep. I have put off purchasing because of the expense but I finally broke down and ordered one online a few days ago. as summer is really rearing its head here, I am MISERABLE! !! I'm very hopeful it will help and I will post to let ppl know. I purchased it online at, and I got free shipping as well as no taxws and a 50 $ off coupon, so was much cheaper than purchasing same at Brookstone.