Hi everyone, hope you are all well.

From the boredness and lack of life EM brings and the late nights I have put it all into good use and made 3 different leaflets for people with EM.
1- A support leaflet, from my experince and to help
2- A doctors leaflet, from my words and Internet knowledge
3- A tips and help leaflet to try

I wanted to know if anyone would be Intrested in them? I can’t mail them through pages app to an email though so I would need to mail them… Just to see if anyone would be Intrested in them :slight_smile: they are professionals laid out!

This is a great idea. I would really be interested in a leaflet I could give to friends and family or people I meet to help them understand the disease. Something that describes the disease and the symptoms in simple language. Unfortunetly I don't think I could use the ones you have as I have done a lot of that on my own.