After being away from the site for such an extended time ,I have realised the dedication and patience of the moderator team is quite extraordinary. They have continued to research ,support and answer all sorts of questions .Some of those questions have been answered again and again with good grace and kindness.
It is much easier to be Tizzy, and indulge in immoderate flights of fancy and suggestions for everything. But while I am flitting around ,I feel like there is a guardian angel perched on my shoulder , so thank you for the steadfast support and dedication you bring. I hope that those of you who browse the site ,do pop in and share your thoughts and questions - If they can cope with me well…Particular thanks to those who reached out to me,and to Alina who just might be the kindest person ever. Regards from the most immoderate Tizzy.

Hi Tizzy,

Yes aren't the mods the most amazing people! But so are you too Tizzy.

Glad you're back,



a big thank you to the moderators and tizzy as well, for taking time and sharing their knowledge and experiences.


This is an incredible community full of inspirational members .

God bless


I agree, Tizzy, the moderators on this community are extraordinary. :)

Thank you so much Tizzy. You are going to make me cry. Your words mean more than I can say. We do have an Amazing team here. We couldn’t do it without all of our members giving us a reason to be here so thank you all.
Take care,