Our wonderful mod team is taking a break

Members, Nel, Mads, and Alina have worked very hard to support you in the past years. As it happens, all three are badly in need of a break just now and are taking some time off. A couple of experienced moderators from our other communities, Jules and Grumpycat, have joined to help out. They too are patients and can relate personally to many of your experiences, including chronic pain. In addition, EM member sheltielife has also agreed to join the moderator team to help support you. You, too, can help to support one another by welcoming new members and responding to discussion posts as you are able to. Feel free to leave a comment to welcome our new mods as well as to express appreciation for all of the hard work and care Nel, Mads, and Alina have put in to make this an outstanding EM community.

Thankyou Nel, Mads and Alina for making me feel so welcome here. You have been a great support and so helpful whilst I try to figure all of this out. You deserve a well-earned break!
Hope you are all hanging in there, and arent struggling too much.

Thank you Nel, Mads, and Alina for all your good work. You are all so caring and giving, and I'm glad to see you are taking care of yourselves and pausing on this work and taking a rest.

Welcome to Jules and Grumpycat, and thank you to sheltielife for stepping forward.

There is so much great information already on this site. As a new member just a few months ago, I found everything I needed to know is already here. Thank you!

Nel Mads and Alina your really deserve a break. You have been endlessly supportive and caring, and very, very informative. Take good care of yourselves and we hope to hear from you as ordinary members if you should feel like it.

Welcome Jules and Grumpycat and Sheltielife!!

with warmest wishes


Y'all have done a great job and have earned a break! Thank you for all of the hard work that you have done for the group!

Thanks for the welcome, laughalittle and ajh! Being a moderaor here is such a fun "job", but it can also be very demanding. My sincerest thanks to the ladies who have been serving this community as moderators. We are all so lucky to have these volunteers, who are the heart an soul of the Ben's Friends Communities. Thank you so much for your service, Nel, Mads and Alina!

Thank you all for your kind words.

When politicians in the UK get into hot water and jump from office before they are pushed they traditionally claim to be resigning to spend more time with their families. In my case that’s exactly it. Children and grandchildren are taking up more and more of my available time and something had to give to relieve the stress I was under.

I’ve still got EM(!) so I am still around from time to time, learning but not moderating.

Best Wishes to all,


Nel, Mads, and Alina: Thank you so much for your friendliness and support to all of us. I hope your well-deserved break gives you a good rest, and I hope you keep in touch if you feel so inclined. You have done a wonderful job, and have made this board not only an informative place to be, but a safe community of friends. <3

Welcome to the new mods! I hope we can all help you in keeping this community as good as it is. :)

My thanks and appreciation to all of you, former and current moderators, for all your hard work and encouraging words to make this site a haven for EM sufferers. It’s so difficult to find the mental and emotional energy to be a good moderator, and I so appreciate your willingness to take on this job.

I used to get new-member notifications, but I don’t get them anymore. Do I need to sign up somewhere?

On my own behalf at least, thanks Anne. It has been a haven to us all.

I don’t know if you see a different screen to me as a moderator but if you go to ‘settings’ above on the right and then click on ‘emails’ you should get your options, including new member notifications.