One fast year considering!

So it’s a big day on this Saturday, the 11th of May as it will be my one year since getting told I would never walk again!! Time has went by so fast?

Well as you may know, I shoved the prognosis they gave me aside and wouldn’t take it… And I trained through paralysation, nerve damage, swelling and the biggy EM! To re-train myself to walk again. I did it all by myself (and mum too) but with no medical help at all.

Today, I’m walking! I walk like I’m drunk but I can live with that :slight_smile: lol!. I walk unaided inside the house. Long distance like shopping etc i need the wheelchair but mostly now go out with just ONE crutch!

Really everyone, with EM it can make you feel like tomorrow isn’t worth fighting for and you can really really easily give into the pain… Please don’t let it win! Don’t ever take your walking for granted despite the pain because I did! Before my walking got stole I gave into pain, made excuses about not walking and blamed pain for everything! Never do that because once its all gone, you regret so much and it’s hard that only the extreme happening to you snaps you outta it… Please don’t let it go that far!

For Saturday I’m hoping to do my biggest challenge yet and do a walk round at least half of a big park locally! Hoping the weathers good to me :slight_smile:

My article that got done last year I kept saying I’d post! Mentions EM too :slight_smile:
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