Pain of the big toe

Does anyone have the pain of the big toe?

Mine is more dominant in one foot, than the other. It feels primarily like scratching inside of the toe. I can't exactly pinpoint it where it is but it is there 24/7. I used to placed an icepack on the toe and it would help, but now it doesn't work. I even feel the pain during my sleep. It is always present. All my toes are numb at night in bed that I can live with, but the scratching inside drives me crazy.

Does any one experienced this kind of the pain? My podiatrist told me that this a nerve that it trapped between the bones. I don't know if I can believe that, since that doctor only suggested surgery and never helped me with pain before.

I am on Savella that doesn't do anything for me. I took Gababetin for some time, but it didn't helped.

Thanks for tips.