PICC Lines and Ports


Has anyone had a medical port inserted for IV medications? I have had a PICC line (my first) in place for 9 weeks. It just got infected at the entry site, so it has been removed and I am trying to work with my GP to have a port instead.



I haven't had either one but I was told I might have to in the future if getting blood continues to be a problem. They said they really didn't want to have to because of the reason you stated above ( infection)

I was in the ER a few months back and they couldn't get my blood for a blood draw. They tried all over both arms and hands and feet. Eventually after so many pokes by so many people they had to call a special person in to the hospital to do it. He struggled and ended up getting enough by having me dangle my legs down over the bed while he sat on the floor with his gloves off ( a big no no ) and got just enough by getting a little out of each of my feet. I could barely walk out of there when the time came and I was covered in bruises!

I don't know why it was so difficult at the time and I wasn't dehydrated either. I was in there because of a DVT so maybe my blood was acting up and the same thing that caused my DVT also caused the problem with getting my blood. I have been on Coumadin since and it hasn't been a problem since so I think I may have dodged that bullet.

I am sorry to hear you have to have one. I know they can be quit dangerous because of infection.

Is your infection better now? Is this the same infection you spoke of in more recent posts?

I wish you better results from the port.

Take care,


Hi ((((((((Dkel9307))))))))).

How awful for you.Its bad enough having to have port in, let alone then have it removed because of infection. Yes i have had a medical port in the past. And yes it got infected. Infections in central venous catheters are supposedly rarer because the device is buried under the skin ... Hmmm really?????? My specialist oncology nurse use to meticulously wash the line out- it really helped with infections.Think she used betadine( some kind of iodine) and sterile saline.

I have also had battery operated syringe drivers , which is along same lines and baxter pumps infusion pump

What you are describing is more commonly known as a cathether in the UK. Sadly our veins do start to collapse. Re: blood taking- Oh Alina I know the feeling you end up like a pin cushion ;)

I do hope they get your infection under control. We will all be thinking of you and sending you positive healing energy.

God bless

mads x