Special Report - Tizzy Tries Yoga

I am trying a few things to see if I can find an exercise I like and can tolerate. Yesterday I tried a yoga class:
We did a number of poses and positions that had special names and worked on different muscle groups. Some of my favourites were the Downward Dog, which was quickly followed by my discovery of the Injured Dog (people can be so reticent to try new things - nobody seemed to want to join me in this)
Another really practical pose was Young Maiden Peeing( think that was the name), which gives the thighs a good workout! At the end of the lesson we all pretended to be dead ,while having asthma- I know,true -its called savasana,corpse pose. It was very relaxing.

Now seriously - most of the stretches were gentle

  • a workout without increasing heart rate and therefore EM flares
  • the relaxation and breathing seemed useful and I found it hard to meditate for even a few minutes , too much mind chatter so probably good for me.

On the down side;

  • many positions were static and caused unpleasant blood pooling , not just feet but hands and face.
  • some stretches just too difficult and could lead to injury if you try too hard.

Overall ,for me blood pooling too uncomfortable to continue, some form of meditation yoga might suit me.
Will try pilates next !

You are awesome miss Tizzy. ;)

Thank you for guniea piggying yoga for LWE. Young maid peeing ? Hmmm obviously the maid doesnt have interstital cystitis like I do lol!

In terms of alternative treatments/therapies , I totally recommend MLD - manual lymphatic drainage.

Cant wait until your next special report .

God bless


Good for you Tizzy! I am glad you found something you can do without too much trouble and the names of the exercises!!!

A little laughter is good for you too!

I just started swimming and that has been wonderful!. It feels so good to be able to move around and get a little exercise without the added warmth. I have just been getting in and moving around with a few leg lifts and such. I have kept it very gentle and so far so good. I have just started so I am working up slowly because it has been a few years since I have been able to do any exercise at all. We will see if it is possible to move forward and hopefully if all goes well try a water aerobics class. It may be too much because I know it can get your heart rate up but I hope the cool water will keep me from burning.

Take care,