Steven Johnson syndrome on face. And me normal

The pic of me with makeup and hair is recent of me, so i got out scar free, the face pic is steven johnson syndrome which i had over all my body (see pics) in June 2011, but this is my face, the swelling and massive blisters and obvcourse the rash!, this was due to a med i was on for EM thats why i put these pics on here btw!. I feel so lucky to get our with just a few marks, although the paranoia of getting a spot now is always going to be with me!

As you can see my face was reeeeeally huge with swelling, my eyes werent right, the redness and angry rash and obvcourse the massive blisters! and my mouth, that was all blisterd over and had ulcers in every part inside my mouth, i couldnt eat or drink for about a week as i couldnt open my mouth and it was far too painfull to even talk! Very scared and wary about trying new meds for EM now after SJS, although the neurologist is helping me and running all meds through dermotology to see which is less rash associated.

Hi Lauren, very glad you got off scar free as you are beautiful. Can I ask what meds did this to you and was it a common side effect..? My pain management specialist has drawn up a medication plan to follow if increasing my Gabapantin doesn't work so would be interested to know if theres meds to avoid if at all possible.


Hi there, thanks very much that’s kind of you!
Yes no problem, this was caused by Tegretol- I was on one at night for over a month before this happend! For Tegretol a common side effect is severe rashes! The sad thing was, Tegretol was helping me :(. What my dr does now is he runs all new meds through dermatology (who treated my SJS reaction) and they say which cause real bad side effects so I can avoid this happning again!. There is another one which was on my list which they have said no to because it like Tegretol causes severe reactions, il look for the letter later and get back to you! .x