I recently found a way that I am able to get exercise without a near-instant flare in my toes: swimming! Granted, the water must be "just right" - cool but not frigid. I find that the cool water regulates the temperature of my toes (like no air can) so that I can get genuine exercise, which I've really been missing. This has changed my life for the better, since I am building muscle tone and getting a mild cardio workout, even if my toes will be flaring other times of the day just like usual. I know cool water baths on affected areas are a common way to get relief, but have any of you tried actually swimming in cool water?

I swim most days of the week at our local gym. It opens at 6.30 which suits me as it is cool at that time even if it is going to be a hot day and I have no energy by the middle of the day. The pool temperature fluctuates unfortunately. Best for me is the sort of temperature that makes most people gasp when they get in! Today was too warm for comfort. I have Raynauds but have never had an attack in the water surprisingly. EM though flares about 10 minutes in but in the water is not as painful as on dry land and I get 15-30 minutes of good exercise depending on my schedule. I love it and hate missing a session. It cools me down and loosens me up and makes it easier to face the day.

I wish they had some nice indoor pools in this area. The facilities that have them are in another county and not available to us. Sounds wonderful!

One of the benefits of living in London where we are spoilt for choice but I am hugely lucky to have gym with pool within walking distance. My swimming buddy has MS and we both do an exercise routine in the water to suit our particular problems. I am sorry you don’t have access to such a resource. I did try going down to the pool on hot evenings when the flare seemed to be going on forever but it didn’t work for me; I got home worse than when I left so gave that up.