Topical relief!

For particular spot itching and flare ups, gently applying good quality tea tree oil works for me. Much quicker and longer lasting relief than cortisone based products.

For the hellacious swelling and burning, greatly helped with Heel to Toe Ice Foot Gel purchased at Sally’s Beauty supply stores.

Daily moisturizing with Gena PediCure creme with peppermint and lavender. Also from Sally’s.

Good thing to try. :) For me the best thing was topical applied alcohol.

I use Vaseline for Men fast absorbing body and face lotion, it works great. Also it doesn't smell like flowers. lol

I only use it to help with the cracks in the skin from swelling. I guess for burning I've tried different things but most of them have something in them that makes the burning worse - ie peppermint, menthol, etc Also, i can't afford much else, as I go through it too fast.