Veins Busting

I have noticed that sometimes after having an episode of EM, a blood vessel busts, Last night before bed I had severe EM in my fingers. This morning i woke up with a very bad bruise on my finger from a busted blood vessel. This same thing has occured other times in my fingers and behind my knee. There is typically a good bit of pain in the affected area for days. Does anyone else have similar experiences?

Hi. Yes i suffer same . I have now developed awful phlebitis in both legs due to swelling - it never goes down just gets worse at night. Apart from all else these bulging unsightly veins are upsetting especially as i am still a 'youngish' woman. Gp has given me huiroid cream(for bruising - actually works well- very soothing cool), and ibuprofen gel to help pain but !!!!!!!!!!!!. Also get bruises behind knees and wrist, fingers - same as you yourself have experienced. So yes- another nasty effect of EM. What a horrid thing this is.

God bless x

Thanks for the reply. The bruising is relatively new for me. I didn't know if it was EM related or something else.

Only once, but I did have a blood vessel below my big toe bust and cause one of those very painful, swollen bruises. It was on a particularly hot day, so it could have been related to EM (self-diagnosed in my toes) as I didn't do anything that would normally cause this to happen (no kicking things, although after the fact that's what I felt like doing, lol).