What exercise can we do em

What is the best exercise to do to keep us fit with em, as i find walking especially with 2 awonky ankles and not able to ride a bike now. i like to keep activate.

I would love to know this too! Over the past year I have put on so much weight due to my EM restricting me, being too painfull to walk on feet therefore not getting exercise, I tried the gym but exercise gives me a major burning attack. Drs just don’t want to help me, but a nurse told me o just do simple weights whilst sitting down or any form of sitting down exercise.

Swimming is probably the best way to exercise, since it pulls heat away from the body and the buoyancy doesn't inflict as much pressure on painful areas.

There are these exercises that I used to do and the really helped and my hands and feet were fine with these. They are a little 90’slate but they are called body flex. It is deep breathing and holding your body in different poses. It sounds cheesy to explain nit the worked really well for me

I don`t know exactly, but my dad use a stockings for varicose veins... when he makes exorxice he play boley boll ... but later he has to put his feet on cold water

I've been trying to find a salt water pool here, because the chlorine stings my skin so badly. (only on my feet/lower legs)