Bed fan? Anyone seen or used this?Looks like something we can all benefit from.

I think that somebody put something on the cool tips discussion about these not that long ago. So perhaps if you look at that discussion you might find it. I live in the UK and at that time it wasn't available here, but I have just looked at the link you sent and then went to see if anybody in the UK sold it and I couldn't find anywhere and then I found that Brookstone now deliver to outside the US. So, that is good news. I currently have a ceiling fan but the trouble with that is of course it doesn't only blow on my feet and legs but all over and when the nights are cooler that isn't great.

I have just ordered one of these as it sounds good. Previously you couldn't order from them if you lived in the UK but now they have started international shipping. I will report on what it's like when it arrives and I have tried it.

My bed fan arrived. You will be OK Jen as you are in the US. When I opened the box I found it had a US style flat two pin plug. So, I have had to order an adapter. It didn't cost much, but anyone in the UK who orders one of these need to be aware of it as it didn't make it clear in the description. So, obviously I haven't tried it yet, but it looks good otherwise.

Can you let me know about the bed fan please. I live in UK and would like to order one. Can you let me know how to order along with cost and also if it works wells

Thanks for the info. Happy to hear it works well.

Hi June, Here is the link to where I bought it from and the actual page for ordering|CategoryWidget|782019p&catId=

It worked out at £68.07 plus shipping £29.09 and then there are the duties and taxes at £18.01 final total £115.17. If you haven't got one then there is the adapter I bought mine off eBay which cost £5.55. So, it's not cheap, but if it works worth every penny. I haven't got the adapter yet so I can't tell you whether it works well, but when I do try it I will let you know. Not such a bad price until you have to pay for the shipping and taxes! They may well be someone start to sell them from the UK soon.

Thanks so much for your help and letting me have all the details. Rather than wait I have today bought an air conditioning unit. Hopefully this will keep bedroom really cool. I’ve tried it and it goes down to 16 degrees.
I hope once you receive the adaptor you will find it helpful.

Is the air conditioning unit one that you have to have a hole in the wall for the tube? I had one of those once and it didn't really do a lot of good, but it is a long while ago. So, you can return the favour and let me have a link to the one you bought. In the summer it gets really hot in my bedroom as it faces south west so I get the sun all day long and if it's not windy it never cools down and so apart from my feet and legs it's too hot for me.

It’s called Challenge from Argos £279 and you can put it out a hole in the wall or out the window. I’ve got it out the window and my bedroom is really cold. I am very happy with it. I am going to buy one for lounge and get a builder to make a hole in the wall. Save me having to move the first one from room to room. My friend has one of the new floor standing Dyson fans and it seems a good buy too.

Thanks for telling me what you bought. However, it wouldn't do for me to put the tube out of the window as I live on the coast and if there is a gale blowing I might find that it blows me out of bed :-) So, I would have to have a hole in the wall. The one I did have was for in my office.

I have eventually got the right adapter for my bed fan. The first one was the wrong type! I tried the bed fan last night and have to report that if anybody is thinking of one don't bother! To have it going fast enough to do any good it was really noisy. I have poor hearing in my left ear and even sleeping on my right side it was still too loud. Plus, it's not very stable and can easily be knocked over. So, it might have to be an air conditioning unit and have a hole put in the wall for the tube, as I said earlier putting the tube out of the window isn't great for me living on the coast as when we have gales opening the window isn't very sensible.

Bummer. Thanks for letting us know!

That's a shame Sheltie, but I guess it was worth a try.

I was disappointed as I was looking forward to having a sheet over my feet and legs. Plus, in the winter the ceiling fan isn't great as I have to end up huddled up on my top half as that gets cold. Then there is the cost of buying it!