Best Shoe ever for EM, someone is selling size 10 on ebay cheap

There is an amazing shoe that is very cushiony and supportive and indespensible to me, it lessens the EM pain of standing and walking GREATLY. I have several pairs. However, they havent made them the right way for years. The later versions ruined the soles. So I still use my old ones. Originally, they cost about $50. I check for people selling them periodically to try and get more for myself, and I noticed someone on ebay is selling a barely used pair that is not in my size. It is size 10 and no one has bid, starting bid will be $8.00.

If you are size 10 women’s shoe, or you are a man that fits that size, you should snatch them up asap. I do not know what I would do without mine and wish they made them so all of us in with EM could buy some.

Anyways, the sale ends on Sunday morning, so there are 2 days and 21 hours left.

As far as sizing goes, my feet are a small size 8, and I wear size 8 and can get away with wearing size 9 in these shoes.

They are stretchy in places that even make them work for my mother’s abnormal foot, which was surgically altered and reconstructed. She eventually gave me her pair because they help me so much.

The seller is beaner-zoe.

While these were originally called:

easy spirit - heelrisers - antigravity collection

She just calls them “easy spirit walking sandals”

I hate to see such a treasure go to waste when so many of us are suffering from EM, I want someone else to have the relief they give me.

Just noticed a new pair for $25 that are U.S. women’s size 9.5

The new ones are a wee bit scratchy for a few days but then they are wonderful, as soon as they are broken in a bit.

If I find more as I search I will post, because I usually find none for sale.

Hi Cindy: I just purchased the new 9.5 sandals! Here’s hoping for better feeling feet! I appreciate your post!

I hope they do as much for you as they do for me! I don’t know how I would make it without them.

Sometimes I have two pairs of shoes with me, 1 in my bag against ice, so they get chilled. Then when the shoes I am wearing get hot, I switch them out and have cool shoes to wear.

I found some more, all in in the wrong sizes for me. I looked through thousands of pictures of shoes on sale to find these. The key is to get the ones where you are standing directly on the foam soles, no leather or fabric or anything on top of the big squishy sole. You can see little bumps and lines that are molded into the foam, but no fabric or smooth leather glued on top.

Cindy 2, I got so excited when your post came into my inbox. I am new to the EM site and having problems learning how it works but I get notified in my email once in a while and when yours came, I got so excited as I was desperate for summer shoes I could wear w/o a lot of pain. Well, I went directly to the Easy Spirit site and found a very similar sandal so I ordered 3 pair, not knowing which would fit, kept one and returned the other two ($7.50 return fee but didn’t care) and Love Love Love these sandals. I am going to order another pair for backup and for just in case they sell out. You have no idea how blessed I am by your taking time to share. I would send/attach a picture of them but don’t know how to do that. They were less than $20.00 if I recall. Hope you were able to find ones you were needing, mine are size 7 wide. :innocent:

I haven’t had luck with current easy spirit shoes for years, are the new ones working for you?

After they changed their shoes so there is a lining on top of the rubber like sole, to me they were too hard. So I only would buy shoes like my old ones, where you are standing directly on the rubber like sole, with no layer of fabric or leather on top.

But maybe they have fixed that problem and that fabric layer is soft now?

That would be wonderful if they have. I could stop watching ebay so close to find old ones!

You really made my day, Entropy! Sometimes we help with disease information, and sometimes we provide shoe advice. And when you need comfortable shoes and you can’t find them, it’s an absolute godsend to get a recommendation like this, isn’t it? (I have a rare disease as well, not EM, which has wrecked my feet and I need special shoes as well. It is SO difficult. I know.)

So here’s how to upload pictures:
Hit reply (or start a new post). You will see grey icons just above the box where you type. One has a horizontal line with a vertical arrow pointing up. Click on that one and follow the instructions. Easy.

Now let’s see what you bought!

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