Big water blister on my foot?

I’m just wondering if this is something new to look forward too. I just spent the 4 day holiday weekend (4th of July) working on my landscaping. It was upper 70s, low 80s and yes my feet were absolutely miserable but I just pushed through it (about 4-5 hours a day).

Well by day 3 my big toe had a decent size water blister on it and I was wearing flip flops that were no where near it. Nothing had touched it, nothing rubbing on it, etc. By day 4 it had doubled in size, covering a good portion of my big toe. I broke it open (clear water) and cut the dead skin away and now I just have this big nasty blood red sore on my foot. It’s still leaking a lot too, 3 days later. Is it something I should be concerned about? Anyone else had this problem.

I’ve had blisters or bumps that were blister like on the tips of my toes but only twice with a hard core flare that lasted 4 days straight! Doctors had no answers - going to try a rheumatologist next … someone has to know about this

Oh … they didn’t pop though … But I stayed off them because of the tremendous pain

I had blisters pop up on my feet , soon after a acupuncture treatment I had done last year
And found out it was a infection of staph
Through cultures they collected from the blister at my primary doctor

I know athletes foot can cause skin infections through tiny cracks in the skin
(Weird since I don’t really wear shoes or socks just sandals most of the year)

While I don’t have this specific problem, I have had many blisters in my time. It’s much less painful to merely pop the blister with a small incision, push on the blistered skin to force the water out, and leave the now detached skin over the blistered area. About 1-2 weeks later, once the skin beneath is ready, the dead skin will naturally come off. Leaving the skin on after the blister is popped protects the area and prevents pain. It’s important to use a clean, sterile object when popping the blister to avoid infection.

But yeah, never remove the skin at the same time you pop a blister. That just hurts.

I’m sorry you’re having to deal with this. I too have gotten blusters on my toes with a long (4 day) intense heat flare. Mostly on my toes like yours. I remember thinking ‘oh no, is this what life will be like now?’ In my case I’ve only had blisters 2-3 times some weeks/months apart. I expect it may happen again under the same circumstances. I’ve also realized that my EM is way worse (more consecutive days, more hours per day, & severe flaring) when I’m stressed. I had never given much weight to stress being the underlying cause of so many illnesses until I realized how much stress I had been under especially the past year. Lack of sleep seems to be an issue as well. Of course lack of sleep and stress go hand in hand in my case. I’m been trying to decrease my stress level and get more sleep with excellent results in regards to my EM symptoms. Trying to work on these 2 things even causes me some stress :smiley:. I’m certainly not suggesting we can all be cured by looking at these two components, but it may be worth checking yourself to see if you can get any relief. Best wishes! Kimr

I couldn’t agree more! Harder to do but I applaud you for connecting stress, etc., to more flares. I too, know stress compounds and increases my EM. Good luck and I hope you can feel some zen!!!

Yes stress is a huge factor in my EM

Even talking about my EM to people can cause me pain
I get actual cramps Charlie horses pain


I haven’t seen the cramps anywhere as a symptom for EM but seems to be a recurring theme with many people on this board, myself included.

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Yes my EM first started with cramps in the big toe

The cramping is always for me in the ball of the foot
And toe areas

then transformed over the next four months to color changes and swelling


I was wondering
Was your blister on top of your foot
Or the bottom of your foot

Just curious

I have this same problem. I will get a small blister from a shoe rubbing or whatever. I immediately take off the shoes and protect the area with a bandaid. Over the next several days that small blister grows, and grows. My Dr (Beacuse I am also diabetic) has given me silvadine salve to prevent infection. I usually pop and drain them, leaving the skin. Usually they will refill, so you may need to do this for several days. I did take the skin off once - it took way longer to heal and was more painful, so I don’t recommend it. As for cause - my best guess is that the swelling from the EM pushes more fluid into the blister and causes it to grow. I’ve had blisters the size of a pea grow to be 2" high and roughly 2-4 inches around. I’ve only had the issue on the top of my feet/toes.

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My cramps are mostly in my toes and ball of my feet as well but I do get them in my ankles and my calves sometimes too when they are really bad.

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Right on top of my big toe. I think that with the major swelling in my feet for 3 days (from working outside in warm weather), all the water retention just needed somewhere else to go because I certainly didn’t do anything to cause a blister there. Now every time my feet swell or flare, or I even take a shower, it starts oozing again. It doesn’t look infected or anything, I tried keeping it covered but even bandaids are like putting on socks, I just can’t do it. It’s been over a week and doesn’t look like it’s healed much. I figure I’ll give it another week or two and if it’s not healing I’ll think about seeing the doctor but since my PCP knows I’m seeing a Neurologist in just over a month, I doubt he would do anything anyway.

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Ask for a referral to go to a care wound specialist or dermatologist !?

Just a thought

They helped a lot with my open wounds
Also if it’s still oozing or if anymore blisters appear get down to your Primary doctor ASAP or urgent care and
ask to get a culture of the blister sent to a lab

Do you soak your feet in a bucket for pain?

Totally agree with art…anthony. I’ve had too many blisters/ulcers, mostly from my history w/ Raynaud’s and before I knew how to anticipate them, which is so difficult to do, and you should totally see the doc. For me, w/ my EM and Raynaud’s any wound on my feet takes so long, months even, to heal. I really didn’t know proper wound care (bandage or not to bandage?). Plus, it’s serious for people w/ blood flow issues like us. They can also help you know what to do in the future–my doctors say not to burst them. So when the pain is too much, I do what someone in the comments said to do–just a small prick to drain it. This sux :frowning:

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Yes it sucks …bigtime

What happened to me
Was this reacurring cellulitis infection that seemed like it was going to go away (blood flow EM issues) and then would come back every single time after the antibiotics were over with !

‘NEVER’ go to acupuncture if you have EM
You’re playing with fire


I had all these blisters pop up everywhere she put needles on both feet

the tough part was getting the doctors to believe it was even a cellulitis infection, because they don’t believe that a cellulitis infection can happen on both feet at the same time, I guess cellulitis happens just usually on one foot

Thank god my primary doctor was smart enough to get cultures of the blisters in the beginning and sent it off and I had proof of a real infection and I needed antibiotics badly or else no one would’ve believed there was even a infection …they just thought it was normal EM symptoms going on and no active infection

No one wanted to give me any antibiotics anywhere and so much pain …the EM pain And cellulitis pain at the same time

So yes a very scary nightmare I never want to repeat hahah


I fought this cellulitis reaccurring infection for 5 months straight
Very painful omg :astonished:
Many many many many ER trips
ER didn’t even want to see me anymore

And no this wasn’t no cheap hole in the wall acupuncturist either …lol
I actually went to the most expensive acupuncturist because I was scared of an infection in the first place

I hope this helps someone


Well the good news is after a week and a half, it’s actually looks like it’s starting to heal and I haven’t had any more appear. I used to soak my feet but try to avoid it as it really dried them out (much worse than normal) and it’s a pain. I know it can be really bad for your feet too. I now tend to only soak with hardcore flares that won’t go down with cooler temps, fan and putting my feet up.

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I get blisters on big toes from wearing socks that are too tight and then the bed sheets further exacerbate them. Question: I am new to all this and wonder if anyone has suggestions on certain kinds of socks that have big toe space but fit normally everywhere else on the foot.

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Hi entropy

Maybe cut out the big toe area with scissors

Would that help!?

So you only get the blisters on your big toe?

Do you soak your feet too?