Burning in closed and sensitive areas

I get burning in closed and sensitive areas such as underarms, between legs, in the groin area or between the but cheeks. There are many other areas too. I will also get burning in a random spot on my leg, stomach, arm, etc. Especially when covered up in bed or wearing long sleeves or pants. These spots can be small like a few inches or as large as a whole thigh. Does anyone else get this and do you get a heat or some kind of rash or burn mark if it burns to long? Thanks alot.

I usually get bilateral flares but I do get the occasional hot spots. I have an area on my leg that can burn and go pale red and it looks a bit like a paintbrush stroke. A couple of inches wide with ragged brush like edges. An about 4 inches long. It's not my usual flare pattern but it happens now and then. It looks like one single brush stroke. On my inner left calf. Curiouser and curiouser.


BMW, long pants, even very soft light cotton pj's can 'trap the heat' and makes me feel like I have a radiator burning between the pants legs and my legs.