Collagen protein loading for nerve repair

I just learned something by complete chance, that is leaving my head reeling! I hope you all read this, and do your own experiment to see what outcome you have.

So Tuesday late afternoon, I started feeling sick. I had run to town that day to take care of some errands. I figured that I was just worn out from the day. However, I have a lot of health issues, a few of them being congestive heart failure, EM, Lymphedema, Raynaud’s disease, Neuropathy, and many others.
More than anything, I struggle psychologically with the fact most of these things seem to have no cure. So, I just roll with the daily tiredness, with all the other pain and discomfort I have to deal with. As you all know, some days are better than others. Sometimes, there’s even almost a rhythm to when some days are better than others.

Anyway, whatever I “caught” I guess in town, sunk me good! I went to bed late Tuesday afternoon, and other than going to the bathroom, and trying to drink enough water to keep hydrated, it was just a horrible illness. Headache, nausea, intense diarrhea, getting the chills, waking up sweating. I have no idea what was going on, but I knew my immune system was in decent condition, as being a diabetic, I’m drastically changed my diet. Organic foods, intermittent fasting, quality supplements, etc…My sister kept calling me to make sure I was okay, then encouraged me to go back to sleep.

By Thursday, I was bed sore. But OH SO still weak!! I managed to stay up 8 hrs that day, even a nap in between, eating only a really small meal. Meaning by Friday, I had only eaten 1 small meal from Tuesday afternoon, until Friday. I literally lost 17 lbs!! That part was kind of worth it! Lol

Another random part of this experience, was that I had been learning about collagen protein, and how it helps with weight loss. So I had put in a order for 3 different kinds of it, which came to my house Friday morning. I was excited to start using it, and did.

In thinking about my sickness later in the day, I suddenly realized, I had not had an EM flare since sometime on Wednesday.
Then Saturday, I became more and more aware that I STILL had not had a flare. Um…YEAH! This was the longest I had gone without a flare in well over 15 years. What was going on??

Other than I know my body got cleaned out from the illness, the only major difference was I was taking the collagen protein.

So! I’ve just spent the last hour or so googling if collagen protein can help repair nerve damage.

Go Ahead!! Go do your due diligence! YES! It is a critical part of healing neuropathy and vascular diseases.

Also read about collagen protein loading.

All I know is, I think I randomed onto something here. If any of you try this out, and have success, please share.


What kind of collagen protein did you use and how much?

Forgive me, but I am a little confused on the chronology. So, you fell ill on Tuesday, had your last EM flare on Wednesday, started taking the collagen Friday. (This is getting kinda Solomon Grundy, lol!) But you think the collagen is the likely reason your flares stopped, even though they stopped before you began the supplement? Or do you not always have flares every single day? (Or was this over multiple weeks and I read it wrong?)

Anyway, count me curious. Seconding the question of what exact supplements you got and how much you’ve been taking. I hope your non-flaring streak is permanent - what a wonderful thing!


Libby and Browni,

I first associated the lack of a flare, because I wasn’t eating anything. I’ve been using intermittent fasting to really start hunkering down on weight loss days prior. As a diabetic, I’m avoiding carbs right now, as much as possible. So that’s what I thought was helping with no flares. But then when I started eating, although just a small, almost no carb meal late Thursday, then a regular meal on Friday, along with the collagen protein, that’s when I started realizing something was different.

Everyone is different. What worked for me, might not for someone else. That’s why I’m sharing my experience, and if someone wants to try it, I’m curious how it goes for them.

Although I use Dr Axe’s formulas, I actually found it a little bit cheaper at another site. You’ll have to do your due diligence and see what deals you find.

Otherwise, here’s the link to his site.

I’m also confused by the timeline. These events all took place in the past week? Your last flare was Wednesday July 7, you began collagen supplementation on Friday July 9, and by Sunday July 11 (the day you created this topic) you became convinced the supplement had cured your EM of 15 years? Do I have that right?

While I wish you all the best, the idea collagen supplementation repaired nerve damage within hours is factually impossible.


I think people keep missing that in my timeline, the last meal I ate, a small one, low carbs, was Tuesday at 5 pm. So when at first I realized I wasn’t having a flare, I thought it was due to having not eaten anything. We all know there is no real understanding about what causes flares. There is speculation that certain foods can cause flares. That being said, I though my lack of flares were due to not having ate anything. I did eat a little ham and cheese on Thursday, no carbs, but just a few bites. The day I had my first decent meal, was Friday afternoon. I received my collagen in the morning, but because I was still weak from being sick, it took me a while to put a mean together. In the mean time, I made my organic coffee, putting the collagen in my coffee.

I don’t know if I’m healed. I’m saying this is the longest I’ve gone without a daily flare in 15 years. Your reaction comes across a little snarky. I was diagnosed years ago by Dr Davis at Mayo in Rochester, after 3 days of testing. So I know what’s going on for me.

Here’s the deal, we are all on here to share experiences. I’m sharing mine. I really though, do not want to any more explain the timeline. I’m offering what this is working for me, and other’s might be inclined to try it out.

I don’t think anyone is questioning your ability to be aware of your own body and personal EM issues. It was that your post is about collagen supplementation and the timeline did not make sense. Symptoms improved Tuesday, took the supplement three days later on Friday, posted a couple days after that. It’s wonderful your symptoms are improving and could likely be due to something else you are doing but the point of your post was to promote collagen supplementation as a treatment option but your story did not indicate any improvement that would objectively be due to the supplement. Any supplement carries risks for a certain subset of the population, especially those with a rare condition like EM, so I think people just want to understand that you have had real improvement from the supplement before accepting the idea of it as an option.

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We do know that flares are caused by autonomic dysfunction. The digestive process is prone to cause EM flares because the parasympathetic nervous system activates during digestion. With the parasympathetic active blood vessels dilate. It’s the same reason why EM is worse at night.

If you’re on a very restrictive diet, avoiding large meals at night, those things could influence your susceptibility to flares.

We’re happy that you’re doing better! I hope it continues.

Fantastic news, whatever you are doing in your regimen/protocol, I’m happy that it’s working for you!
I’m going to take a read into this, and if I decide to try it then I will definitely update here.

I too have also found a ‘revelation’ which seems to take the pain and ‘full’ feeling away from my flares (I have EM in my feet).

This has been by taking ‘Lions Mane’ which is also a natural medicine - it’s actually a mushroom. It has very well known properties for nerve repair. You can check it out on Youtube.

To add to this, I’ve also been taking a microdose of psilocybin which seems to help.

It would also be interesting to hear peoples thoughts and if they have ever tried the above.

All the best!


Nice to read this!
I have been taking Lions man every day sinds my EM startend 4 Monts ago. It hasn’t changed anything yet, but I strongly believe in what the body is capable to do with the support of natural mushrooms. Especially when I saw the documentary ‘Fantastic Fhungi’.

This week I have also started with the stacking protocol you mention from Paul Stamets, with adding it together with psilocybine and niacine vitB3 to flush it through the nerve endings. I take it 3 days during the week first thing in the morning before breakfast including a meditation.