FootUndeez! (Dance sandals)

(I didn’t check the guidelines about whether it was okay to post this, so I’ hoping it’s okay. I don’t know if any of you dance as a hobby (or if you’re able to), but I just found out about this product called FootUndeez that Capezio makes. I’m going to try to get a pair before this weekend because I’m going to be attending a lindy event, and it will be very hot. They slip on your feet and protect just the sole of your foot so you can still spin, but most of your foot isn’t covered! Thought this might be helpful for other dancers out there.


Sorry for the formatting and errors. I’m always on my phone.

Hi Meredith - I think it is probably good information for a lot of ppl. I don’t dance myself, though my daughter is a dancer and she has gone through several pairs.

I would give the warning to some who are prone to blisters that being very active in those can rub a lot on the ball of the foot especially if you tend to swell with a lot of movement. My kid doesn’t have the same foot probs I have and these have worn on her feet after dancing quite a bit in them.