Lidocanine Patches

I have heard about people using Lidocaine patches to numb the areas where the flares are. I am just wondering if anyone here knows anything about that - I wonder if it is maybe something I can use as I can't take many painkillers.

Thanks :)

I tried them a few years ago, but I found that while they numbed the area, they also cause a rebound effect. I am very sensitive to rebound though. I found the area would go numb for a couple of hours and then flare badly. It is certainly worth trying as other people have had success with them.

Unfortunately, I have had the same problem as starsmurf. For me, the patches seemed to cause flares after a couPle hrs.

starsmurf said:

I tried them a few years ago, but I found that while they numbed the area, they also cause a rebound effect. I am very sensitive to rebound though. I found the area would go numb for a couple of hours and then flare badly. It is certainly worth trying as other people have had success with them.

i have used them before, my feet are very heat sensitive so whenever i put them on it would make the pain worse. my dr told me that might happen the first few times i tried it but i couldnt handle it and just gave up!!

I have also recently been put onto a trial run of these patches, I was advised to use them every night upto a 12hour period of time. 1st night they were Wonderful and numbed the area with no after effects, 2nd/3rd/4th night i had no relief and in fact had to remove them after 5hrs.

I have tried them again and what i have found is that if i have a flare with swelling i gain some relief. If i have a flare with No swelling i have No relief. Strange?

I was advised that they don't work for everybody, but worth a try as it is trial and error with this Condition

hi I have tried lidocaine patches for the pain but it makes it worse sorry but just wanted to let you know


I have tried the lidocaine patches and they made the pain worse. Of course, I was in a full-blown flare (redness, burning pain & swollen foot) so I'm not sure if this made a difference. I too can't handle many pain medications.

Yes, you can use theses patches. I am on neurotin and lyrica and uses the pain patches for the burning hip, bottom of my feet and hand pain. The patches are a pretty good size and can be cut to fit your needs or area you are wanting pain control at. Use of these patches is 12 hours on and then 12 off. In other words, it can only be used for 12 hours each day. I have had no flare ups by using them but they have provided releif.


I have tried lidocaine patches but they made it worse. i am trying ketamine topical cream now we will see if it helps.dale

I have also used lidocaine patches/Lidoderm, which I was prescribed for my backpain. I thought it would be a good idea to try, so I would cut them in half and put them on my feet before bed. I would wake up and they would always be off :/ I didn't ever experience the full effect. The only thing I ever liked about the patches were that they are at a cool temperature so that would make it feel good, but it was short lived.

I use lidocaine whenever I need to be on my feet for long periods of time. It is the only thing that has eased my pain, however, it doesn't prevent my flareups. It has reduced my pain from the flare ups but not the intense heat. This could also be because I have small fiber neuropathy. I always think anything is worth a try otherwise you never know.

I am having a Lidocaine infusion (drip) tomorrow. I'll let you all know how it went. It sounds like it has a totally different action to the patches and works in those, like me, who've found the patches made the EM worse. Given IV, it seems to work on the hypersensitive sodium channels that cause EM. I will report back whatever the results. Fingers crossed!

Has anyone tried using the patches during the day and removing them at night? I find I need the pain relief more during the day. Is there any reason that they can't or shouldn't be used this way? I admit it does pose a challenge with various daytime activities ie. cooking, hand hygiene, etc but I use gloves and handsanitizer to compensate. I do get some relief with the patches, not 100% but some is better than none.

Like others on here, I used them and they caused a rebound effect. Hope you can find relief soon!

I'm now home after my lidocaine infusion. It makes you feel very strange and is nothing like the patches. You feel a bit like you're drunk, your balance is rubbish and you're very tired. I will have to wait a few days to see the results, but the experience of others with both primary and secondary EM is positive. I'll keep everyone posted.

I'm now 48 hours on from the infusion and I'm flare free! By this time on a normal evening, I'd be in bed and in agony. I will keep you posted on progress, but I think most of us would be happy if it meant a night or two free of pain.

And something I know only people here will appreciate:


I was advised to try these patches by my neurologist. I've got to admit that for the initial hour or so that they are on they are great but then I have no pain relief. Also, as the pain is predominantly on the soles of my feet, they are very difficult to walk on.

I thought I'd better give an update on how things are going from the infusion. Last night, I was able to sit with my family watching TV until 11pm. Normally, I'd be in bed by 5pm throwing oxycodone capsules down my throat like they were jelly beans. My EM did start up about 11pm, but just those six hours of relative normality were alone worth the suffering involved (the infusion isn't painful, I simply have a phobia of the cannulas they put in for drips).

Today, it's 6pm here and I've still got the thick socks on. I have written to my EM specialist and begged her to write a paper on how the treatments work for me, so that others can benefit from this, even if it doesn't give me total relief or stops working for me. I just want something good to come from my suffering, even if I can't benefit from that good.

Well, it's been a week now and the IV lidocaine is still helping. I'm having my second infusion on Wednesday (8th Feb) so I'll update on how that helps. If anyone is thinking of trying this treatment, please contact me if you want the dosage used, as there is considerable variance from hospital to hospital and the outcome is affected by the rate of the infusion, as well as the total amount of the drug given.

Yes I am very interested if it is working