Long awaited arrives and work takes a turn for the better

Yippeee, I had a call today from the pain management clinic with regards to the appointment that I have been waiting for. The specialist I was waiting to see is the guy who has treated the other 5/6 EM patients in my county so I am hoping he knows a bit about EM as well as look at my hands/feet with regards to possible Raynauds. I won't have to wait much longer, seems the desperate phone call to my gp in tears must've worked in getting it quicker.

Also another great thing is my work has been greatly improved by the fact that the deputy head teacher has sorted out for somebody to cover my outdoor learning sessions for me. I do feel bad that others are having to do my share because the weather is horrible, snowy and struggling to get up over freezing point.

I just wanted to share my excitement with people who understand how hard life can be with this cronic pain condition..!