Sativex a legal Cannabidiol treatment for EM?

Hi Folks,

Prednisone pulse therapy for my Daughter was not successful, if anything it made things worse I would say. Hard to watch, harder for her to endure and disappointing for all. As things are we dust ourselves off and look for other possibilities and keep fighting on.

There are many articles on the potential benefits of Juicing raw Cannabis leaves and buds for the treatment of chronic nerve pain, it has proved very beneficial in MS sufferers please see link below. this is just one example.

Peoples natural reaction is around the legalities of doing this and finding a reliable source , technically you may be breaking the law of the region or state yo live in however if it brought EM sufferers relief who would care?

There is way to get these benefits without breaking the law. see link below from 2010. Last section is potentially interesting for EM sufferers.

This spray is now available on prescription in Australia , New Zealand most of Western Europe and Canada it appears.

I for one will be raising it with the medical team , has anyone tried this for EM or simply the raw juicing regime?



Ah, here is the update. I am really behind,aren't I? Have you found anything effective yet? I hope Emily has gotten some relief.

I am also wondering about what treatment portential caniboids may have. Not sure how to even navigate this discussion with treatment team. I think after we see the psychiatrist and rheumatologist and hear what suggestions they have we may be able to figure out if there are caniboid options to explore.