Warning, Research Medications Before Taking Them

Hi all,

Firstly an apology for not being about recently and neglecting my moderators duties. I really hope that you are all doing well..?

I have had a really tough time of things lately. I missed a dose of my Venlafaxine and became ill. I was then unable to take it due to vomiting which gave me a hideous withdrawal. I got something called discontinutaion syndrome, a severe reaction to stopping certain medications. I was never made aware of this and was actually told it was not addictive but my reaction tells a different story. I was bed bound for a week and half, not even being able to move my eyes without severe vertigo, nausea and headache. I also got brain zapping (never heard of it but it is not pleasant) I over the last month I have had all of the symptoms below. My dreams were so hoffic I was screaming out in my sleep, then hallucinating when my daughter woke me. I was too scared to sleep most of the time. I am also really ashamed to say that I was horrible to my daughter (or anybody else who came near me for the last few weeks) I felt scared that I might lose it at any point, I almost hit my 19 yr old daughter when she was pushing my buttons. Read below some of the side effects I got when stopping.

((Sudden discontinuation of venlafaxine (brand name Effexor) has a high risk of causing potentially severe withdrawal symptoms.

Symptoms of discontinuation are similar to other antidepressants including irritability, restlessness, headache, nausea, fatigue, excessive sweating, dysphoria, tremor, vertigo, irregularities in blood pressure, dizziness, visual and auditory hallucinations, feelings of abdominal distension, and paresthesia. Other non-specific mental symptoms may include impaired concentration, bizarre dreams, delirium, cataplexy, agitation, hostility, and worsening of depressive symptoms. Online help groups consistently mention withdrawal from venlafaxine as triggering dreams of a particularly distressing and hellish quality.

Electric shock sensations have also been reported with many patients describing the symptoms as "brain zaps". It has been suggested the sensations may represent an alteration of neuronal activity in the central nervous system.))

A month later and I am still losing my balance, auditory hallucinations, can't contol my emotions and have stopped eating/drinking loads of my fav foods.

I have been left TERRIFIED of taking ANY medication now so am using a tens machine (permantly) on my back, neck and legs (fibro pain) but not sure how I am going to cope long term with my EM. I am taking day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute.

I really wanted to put this out there for others to read because I would HATE for anybody else to go through what I went/going through.!

Hi Laura,

I'm really sorry to hear about the hell you went thru. But tbh I have to say I'm not surprised at all. I know you couldnt use the meds bcuz of your vomiting, which is pretty bad complication for everyone who is permanently on any kinda meds. BUT, withdrawing Venlafaxinum which SNRI is one of the most dangerous withdrawing! When you have to/want to stop using this meds, its neccessary to slowly decrease the dosage and the whole withdrawing takes 2 weeks at least! I understand you didnt want to stop using your meds, so please dont take this as any kinda offense, I'm writing this to warn other ppl, not from this meds, but from withdrawing it on their own. All SNRI meds are a great thing and great help for any kind of psycho issues and same as SSRIs I believe it can highly improve our EM.

So, Venlafaxinum big YES, sudden withdrawing NO!

I hope your gonna get better and all the bad effect it has on you will soon disappear. Plz dont feel terrified of meds, its almost impossible to survive EM pain without any meds, just be sure you always get all the info about the exact medication you using.

I know the vomiting/using meds issues pretty well, my stomach is extremely sensitive and I have to be very careful when I use my meds, best for me is late evening when I'm really sleepy and the chance of spening hours with my head in the toilet is relatively low.

Btw I went thru morphine withdraw (I was using it for my EM pain) and it also were pretty hard times for me.

Wishing you just the best,

xoxo, Liz

Really good to have you back Laura, just hope your withdrawal symptoms disappear completely very soon and you can get back to functioning normally again, or at least as normal as EM symptoms allow.