Lower back pain

Any one else get extreme lower mid back pain?

I have had x-rays of lower back and they said there was some narrowing of the disk space typical of aging but that shouldn't cause such unbearable pain that would make me unable to walk without shuffling my feet on hard wood floor and excruciating at that!. My husband has to help me up and down from chair and toilet when this happens. I haven't been able to lay flat for about 4 years now. The pain is intermittent. It can come at times and stay for a couple of months non stop. Other times it may be here a few hours at a time then go away just to return later for a few hours more.

I can't bend over at all or walk up stairs or even an incline. I know many people here have problems with sciatica and that is what got me thinking there could be a correlation but I don't have any shooting pain typical of sciatica. It is just as if instead of a spine I have a spike there at times. I know it isn't from injury because it starts suddenly and severely and ends just as abruptly. in addition this is a regular cycle over the past 4 years and test show no sign of injury.

Any thoughts??

Thank you.

Take care,